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05 Bridge Replacement of 11 Bridges on SR 6 between US 61 and the Panola County Line, & Bridge Repairs on SR 6 at the Tallahatchie River, known as Federal Aid Project No. BR-0070-02(011)/102625301 and State Project Nos. EXB-0070-02(013)/102624301, EXB-0070-02(014)/102624302, EXB-0070-01(006)/102733308, & EXB-0070-03(014)/103164302 in Quitman, Coahoma, & Panola Counties.
Project Completion: Contractor Determined

Contracts Advertised for Two Months for a  letting

CallDescriptionProposalEBSx FileAddendaEBSx Amend Bid ListCadd FilesPlan IndexPermit DocBid Tabulations
01 Renovation of the Existing District Six Shop and Minor Site Improvements, known as State Project Nos. BWO-6211-18(003) / 502889301 & LWO-6017-18(006) / 502889302 in Forrest County.

Project Completion: 9/29/2017