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Welcome to MDOT’s Five Year Project Plan. Listed below are projects currently scheduled during the period of October 1, 2017 - September 30, 2022. You may sort the list by clicking on any header. You may also filter the list by either entering filter criteria in the filter box below each column header or by selecting values using the down arrow next to the header title.

Disclaimer:This list is the schedule from MDOT’s project planning system as of Jun 21, 2018. This schedule is a work in progress and is subject to revision on a continuous basis. There are many factors that may cause a project to be moved to an earlier or later year.


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Fed. Proj. #. 
DetailsAdams2018106021/105000425PEActiveBridge InspectionUS 84 MS River Bridge Inspection 2018 - NatchezBR-0015-01(124)
DetailsAdams2018106655/201500555UTILActiveSlide RepairSR 555 & US 61 intersection 2.5mi NSTP-0155-00(006)
DetailsAdams2018106655/301000555CONActiveSlide RepairSR 555 & US 61 intersection 2.5 Miles NorthSTP-0155-00(006)
DetailsAdams2018107728/101000425PEActiveMILL & OVERLAYUS 84 FROM THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER BRIDGE EAST 2.8 MILES TO JCT US 61 (NATCHEZ)SP-0015-01(136)
DetailsAdams2019106021/109000425PEPlannedBridge InspectionUS 84 In-Depth NBI Inspection -NatchezBR-0015-01(128)
DetailsAdams2020106021/106000425PEPlannedBridge InspectionUS 84 MS River Bridge Inspection 2020 - NatchezBR-0015-01(125)
DetailsAdams2022106021/107000425PEPlannedBridge InspectionUS 84 MS River Bridge Inspection 2022 - NatchezBR-0015-01(126)
DetailsAlcorn2018306428/301000 MAINTActiveSigningAlcorn Co Signs & Supports By TED ForcesSP-1000-02(086)
DetailsAlcorn2018106788/10100045PEPlannedBridge PaintingUS 45 near Kossuth RoadSP-0002-08(012)
DetailsAlcorn2018107659/30100072CONActiveMILL & OVERLAYUS 72 from CR 262 to Tishomingo CLNH-0007-01(084)
DetailsAmite2018306408/30100024MAINTActiveMILL & OVERLAYSR 24 From JCT SR 33 (Gloster) east to JCT SR 567 (Liberty)MP-7024-03(013)
DetailsAmite2018103089/301000571CONActiveBridge ReplacementSR 571: Bridges between LA Line SR 584 [Bridge #s 0.0 & 0.9]BR-0003-00(003)
DetailsAttala2018106105/20100035ROWPlannedBridge ReplacementSR 35 Bridge Replacement [Bridge # 163.7]BR-0023-02(053)
DetailsAttala2019103334/20150035UTILPlannedBridge ReplacementMS 35 - LEAKE C/L TO KOSCIUSKO [BRIDGE #s 150.5, 152.0)BR-0023-02(058)
DetailsAttala2019103334/30100035CONPlannedBridge ReplacementMS 35 - Leake CL to Kosciusko [Bridge #s 150.5 & 152.0]BR-0023-02(058)
DetailsAttala2020106105/30100035CONPlannedBridge ReplacementSR 35 [Bridge # 163.7]BR-0023-02(053)
DetailsBenton2018107608/10100072PEActiveMILL & OVERLAYUS 72 From Marshall C/L to Benton C/LSP-0007-01(092)
DetailsBenton2018107608/30100072CONActiveMILL & OVERLAYUS 72 From Marshall Co Line to Tippah Co LineNH-0007-01(092)
DetailsBenton2018502996/301000 BLDGActiveBuilding ConstructionConstruction of Ashland Maintenance Area Headquarters BuildingBWO-2214-05(001)
DetailsBenton2018502996/302000 BLDGActiveBuilding ConstructionConstruction of Equipment Shed at Ashland Maintenance Area HeadquartersBWO-2215-05(001)
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