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Careers at MDOT
Engineer-In-Training (EIT) Program

For young engineers looking to jumpstart their careers, MDOT offers the Engineer-In-Training (EIT) program. Through the EIT program, entry level engineers are able to apply knowledge and skills learned in college while working under the supervision of a Professional Engineer.

To be considered for MDOT's EIT program, applicants must have a certificate of registration as an Engineer-Intern and a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from an ABET accredited college or university.

Depending on availability, an EIT is provided with a choice on where they would like to be placed.

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Divisions available to an EIT include:

  • Bridge
  • Construction
  • Environmental
  • Materials
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Right of Way
  • Roadway Design
  • Traffic Engineering
  • District Office
  • Project Office
Information Systems Division

The Information Systems Division is responsible for ensuring the business goals and initiatives for MDOT have a strategy that is sound in technology, ultimately becoming a beneficial and operational business process and decision support team for its employees. Our focus is to find new solutions that better serve our customer, the MDOT employee. Information Systems offers a progressive, high tech environment that offers individual and career development, meaningful work and work-life balance.

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Information Systems Supports MDOT's Mission by Developing Solutions

  • Business Intelligence
  • Software and Web Development
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Network Operations and Support
  • CADD Development, Maintenance and Support
  • 2 Data Centers with High Availability
  • Connectivity to 3 Campuses in Jackson, 6 District Offices and 28 Project Offices Statewide
  • Approximately 3,500 Users
MDOT Office of Enforcement

MDOT’s Office of Enforcement is responsible for enforcing laws and regulations related to commercial motor vehicles in an effort to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities on Mississippi roadways while preserving the state’s transportation infrastructure. With 28 Commercial Vehicle Inspection Stations and approximately 90 patrol units, MDOT Enforcement Officers help provide a safe, efficient and multimodal transportation network. MDOT Enforcement is also responsible for issuing permits for overweight and oversized loads in order to keep Mississippi roads and bridges safe while facilitating economic growth and development across the state. View Our Brochure


MDOT Enforcement Job Duties:

  • Enforcing state and local laws for the trucking industry.
  • Inspecting vehicles in the trucking industry for safety.
  • Maintaining the state’s infrastructure by regulating the weight and size of loads.
  • Seizing the transport of illegal drugs and contraband along state highways.
  • Intercepting victims of human trafficking.
  • Working closely with other enforcement agencies across the state.
Bridge Engineers
MDOT's Bridge Division

The Bridge Division is responsible for the design and analysis of new and existing bridges, culverts, overhead sign trusses and retaining walls. Major tasks within this division include:

  • Structural design
  • Contract plan preparation
  • Coordination of periodic inspections, rating and posting for the approximately 5,400 bridges on the state-maintained highway system
  • Reporting that can be used to optimize funds for bridge repair, maintenance or replacement.
Project Engineer
MDOT's Project Engineers

Project Engineers manage major construction projects for MDOT, such as overlays and bridge repairs and replacements. Project Engineers make sure contractors follow MDOT specifications and procedures. Major tasks within this position include:

  • Overlays
  • Bridge repairs and replacements
  • Capacity upgrades
  • Safety improvements  
Information Systems
MDOT's Information Systems Division

MDOT is also the leader in technology for the state agencies in Mississippi. MDOT believes in using technology to effectively assist in the execution of its mission. The work performed by MDOT Information Systems Division has lasting merit and contributes to the continued growth of the state and quality of life for its citizens.

Roadway Design
MDOT's Roadway Design Division

The Roadway Design Division is responsible for the design and preparation of plans for construction of roadway projects. Major tasks within this division include:

  • Participation in new highway location selection process
  • Participation in pavement selection and design approval process
  • Submission of environmental permits to regulator agencies
  • Development of construction plans
  • Monitoring progress of plan development and schedule commitment

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Working for the state of Mississippi affords its employees standard and optional benefits. some of the benefits for MDOT employees include:

  • Paid personal leave: 18 workdays for the first year
  • Paid medical leave: 12 workdays for the first year
  • Holiday leave: 12 days per year (10 holidays)
  • State retirement plan: fully eligible after 30 years
  • Medical Insurance
  • Optional dental, vision and life insurance

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o To apply for any other position with the Mississippi Department of Transportation, please visit the Mississippi State Personnel Board’s (MSPB) Active Recruitment List at This is a listing of all jobs on open recruitment within Mississippi State Government.

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