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MDOT Project Consultant Status Entry System

The MDOT Project Consultant Status Entry system will allow consultants to enter their monthly project status directly into MDOT’s project management system.

To use the system you must have a MDOT active directory account. This is either an internal or external account. If you do not currently have a MDOT account you will need to sign up for an external account. Once you have an account, MDOT must also add you as an authorized user for your company before you will have access to enter project statuses.

If you currently have a sign on, you may access the Project Consultant Status Entry system at the following link: https://projectconsultstatus.mdot.ms.gov/

To request your account to be linked with your company please contact MDOT’s programming manager:
Mack Dowell

If you do not already have a MDOT account you will need to register for a MDOT external account do the following:

1. Visit the following URL and click on Create an Account on the left hand menu options. https://extacctmgmt.mdot.state.ms.us/

2. Once you have registered you will receive an email to verify your email account. Click on the link in the email to verify your account. Once you see the verification screen, click on the login to MDOT Account Management link and log in using your ID and password

3. Once you are on the Account Management screen, select ‘Request Access’ under the MDOT Applications menu option on the left. Check the box for Project Consultant Status Entry and fill out a justification for why access is needed. Click the Request Access button.

4. The user will need to wait for an approval email with instructions for accessing the application. Please Note: When accessing the Project Consultant Status entry system you will need to specify the username with the domain convention MDOTEXT\youruserid