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1. Where can I get an oversize or overweight permit?
To obtain an oversize or overweight permit in Mississippi, contact the Department of Transportation. Permit Rules

2. Where can I get a trip permit?
Trip permits may be purchased from any Truck Stop which has a wire service or by contacting MDOT. Click Here

3. What do I need to send in to get an overweight assessment reviewed?
The submission should include the following information:
  • Mail a copy of your ASSESSMENT OF DELINQUENT PRIVILEGE TAX – Form 64-086. (shortcut to Form here)
  • A written request for a review with a phone number, fax number and contact person. Mail information to address below or Fax information to (601)-359-7043.
MDOT Appeals Board
P.O. Box 1850
Jackson, MS 39215-1850

4. What is the address where I would send in payment for and overweight assessment?
MDOT Financial Management
P.O. Box 3649
Jackson, MS 39207

5. How do I find information on IRP/IFTA (Apportion tags – Fuel permits) (IRP = International Registration Plan) (IFTA = International Fuel Tax Agreement)?
You will find information on Tags – IRP/IFTA at the Department of Revenue:

6. How do I find information on UCR (Unified Carrier Registration)
Click Here

7. Information concerning CDL (Commercial Drivers License):

8. How do I apply for a Federal DOT number?
· Online Federal DOT Number Application · Or Download The Forms Here

9. Where can I find information concerning Log Books and other Safety related issues?
10. Where can I find examples of the Federal Bridge Formula?
· Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula Bridge Formula Table