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Intermodal Planning

The Office of Intermodal Planning (OIP) includes the Aeronautics Division; Ports & Waterways Division; and the Public Transit Division. Although each division has its own unique charge, collectively they provide support for the Department in the development and maintenance of a safe Intermodal Transportation Network by serving in advisory, technical assistance, grants administration and contract management roles pursuant to their individual areas of expertise.

Mission Statement: The primary mission of the Office of Intermodal Planning is to ensure quality of life and economic development by providing support for a well-planned, comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable intermodal transportation network guaranteeing safety, access, and mobility. For more information on the Office of Intermodal Planning, please Email Us.

Charles Carr : Intermodal Planning Director
Administration Building, 10th Floor
: 601.359.7025
 Fax: 601.359.7052