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Traffic Safety

It is the MDOT's mission into provide a safe transportation environment for all road users in Mississippi. The Safety Section of MDOT was created to help MDOT achieve its goal of providing safer roads and reducing the number of fatal and serious injury crashes within our state.

General Questions :

  1. ) What is the goal of the Traffic Safety Education tools?
  2. ) What is the history behind your programs?
  3. ) How are these programs funded?
  4. ) Who is the targeted audience for your programs?
  5. ) What types of safety education tools do you offer?
  6. ) Where can I find more information on scheduling?
  7. ) Are there are any costs associated with any of the Safety Education Tools?
  8. ) What are the credentials/qualifications of your Safety Team?
  9. ) What happens when inclement weather conflicts with the demonstration?
  10. ) Are there any other Safety Education activities you offer?
  11. ) Are demonstrations offered only during business hours, or could I schedule an evening or weekend demonstration of your educational tools?
  12. ) Are demonstrations of your safety education tools only available in central Mississippi?