STEM Education in MS

Darlene Edwards

“MDOT’s STEM programs encourage students to research problems and allow them to participate in something that is more real-world.” Darlene Edwards, Hernando Middle School

Mississippi universities offer a variety of STEM-related degree programs to prepare students for careers in the transportation industry, specifically the field of engineering.

MSU Bagley College of Engineering
As one of approximately 40 named engineering colleges in the nation, MSU’s Bagley College of Engineering offers degree programs in eight different academic engineering departments and 10 certificate programs. Each academic program provides a challenging curriculum and an encouraging environment to allow students to achieve their full potential.
MSU Bagley College of Engineering
The School capitalizes on its engineering science tradition, its low student to faculty ratio, and the liberal arts environment of the University of Mississippi to give our graduates the abilities to adapt to the rapid changes in engineering and to give our graduates the interdisciplinary background and capacity for innovation that sets them apart from the graduates of larger engineering schools.
MSU Bagley College of Engineering
The mission of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology at Jackson State University (CSET) is to provide an innovative program of excellence in education, research, and public and professional service at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. CSET promotes the production of highly competitive graduates as judged by the highest academic standards in STEM fields.