• Thomas Lewis

    “The RIDES program covers all areas of student needs. It’s not just for seventh or eighth grade science; it covers from kindergarten through middle school and can be adapted into high school.” Thomas Lewis, Northeast Jones Middle School

  • “I learned how to get along with people, and they ended up becoming my best friends.” Caitlyn Bailey, Chemical Engineering Student at Mississippi State University

  • “Be a Problem Solver.” Brigid Young, Mississippi State University Student

  • “It doesn't matter what gender you are.” Lauren Pugh, Mississippi State University Student

  • “Think about what you want to do in the future.” Penelope Dao, Mechanical Engineering Student at Mississippi State University

  • “TRAC allows students to be creative and apply what they’re learning to the real world.”Darlene Eduwards, Teacher at Hernando Middle School

  • “TRAC offers an exciting opportunity for students to start thinking about their future.” Joe Boswell, Teacher at Lewisburg High School

  • “TRAC opens the doors to a variety of career opportunities.” Holly Bailey, Teacher at East Union High School

  • “RIDES takes students out of the norm and allows them to be creative and use their imaginations.” Ole Miss Pre-Service teachers discuss the benefits of MDOT's RIDES program