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Driving Tips

Find ways to stay safe while driving in winter weather.

Car Kit

Keep these 8 items in your car in case of winter weather.

Car Care

What are you doing to keep your car running through the winter?

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Stay Safe on #MShwys with MDOT

MDOT is working to keep you safe this winter with tips from safe driving to car care. Follow us on social media for winter weather related traffic updates. Remember to #drivesmartms.


MDOT Response

Annual Cost

Our 3 year annual average cost for snow and ice operations is $2.4 million.

Hours Worked

MDOT logs an average of 53,291 hours annually in snow and ice.


1,338 MDOT employees work during winter weather to keep our roads safe.


MDOT uses 52 snowplows and numerous motor graders to keep roadways clear.

Miles Driven

Our equipment travels 13,303 miles during winter weather events.

Salt & Brine

We use an average of 3,493 tons of salt and 30,000 gallons of brine to prepare our roads.

Sand & Slag

MDOT spreads 2,200 tons of sand and 4,665 tons of slag to help with traction.


Our crews use 31,380 gallons of calcium chloride to help de-ice roads and bridges.

Prepare with MDOT

Join MDOT on our Winter Weather College Tours at these universities this winter to learn about ways you can prepare for winter weather. We will have giveaways to help get you through the season. Follow us @MississippiDOT for dates and locations.

Delta State University

Mississippi Valley State

Mississippi State University

Mississippi University for Women

University of Mississippi