MDOT Traffic Count Application


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This map was printed using information provided by the Mississippi Department of Transportation
Data shown is 2019 AADT

We would like to inform you of some facts affecting the precision of the data. The counts are made to obtain statewide vehicle-miles-traveled using statistics. As a result, individual counts may not represent an exact depiction of the traffic at a given site. Here are some facts about our data:
  • The traffic counts shown on the maps are AADT (Annual Average Daily Traffic) which are computed using factors.
  • Traffic is counted for 48 hours at most of the sites.
  • The 48 hour counts are adjusted to AADT using factors for day-of-week, season, and average percent trucks.
  • Approximately one third (1/3) of the traffic sites in a county or city are counted each year.
  • Traffic counts for previous 2 years are updated to the current year using factors based on traffic growth of counted sites statewide.
  • Some count locations are assigned to another location due to the similar traffic patterns and will share traffic count data.

We provide these traffic counts as a service and invite you to use them. However, we also caution you to understand that data may not be exact because of the methods used.