Transportation Safety Education Program (T.S.E.P.)

The MS Department of Education (MDE) Office of Healthy Schools and the MS Department of Transportation (MDOT) are working together to further the implementation of safety initiatives in Mississippi schools. It is the goal of these two agencies to create an atmosphere in Mississippi schools where every child has equal opportunity to be healthy and safe, and to make wise choices for their future. The Project focuses on middle and high school students in selected Mississippi schools. Together, the two agencies have developed lesson plans which are linked to common core standards. The subjects of these lesson plans include: seat belt safety/occupant protection, child safety seats, impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, dangers in the road, safe walking practices, safe biking practices, and safety in and around schools and neighborhoods.

Participating schools have agreed to six main benchmarks:

  1. Each project school will be required to participate in transportation safety online training provided for the project. School training participants (a minimum of 3) will include: a member of the administrative staff, a Lead teacher and/or the School Health Coordinator at the school site. CEUs and SEMIs will be offered upon completion of the training.
  2. Teachers at the school site will use a minimum of two (2) transportation safety lesson plans and/or activities and document use of them as supporting evidence. Up to five (5) teacher/leaders at each school site will be receive a Safety Leader Award for their participation in the project. Winners will be selected by MDOT and will be given a monetary award in the form of gift cards. Information about this award will be given as part of the on-line training. Documentation outlining the materials bought with these gift cards will be required (such as store receipts).
  3. The school will participate in one or more of the October safety events that include:
    • April
      • National Distracted Driving Awareness Month
      • Alcohol Awareness Month
      • National Workzone Safety Awareness Week
    • August
      • Back to School Safety Month
    • September
      • Child Passenger Safety Week
    • October
      • Red Ribbon Week
      • Walk to School Day
      • National Teen Driver Safety Week
      • National School Bus Safety Week
    • December
      • 3D Awareness Month
    • The school will submit documentation of its participation in at least one of the above events in the form of photos, event agenda, event poster, or narrative summary.
  4. The school will plan a Safety Fair with assistance from MDOT.
  5. 60% of the school students will log onto the MDOT Transportation website and sign the Safe Driver Pledge.
The school's program coordinator or principal will provide a final summary report to MDOT detailing the implementation of the Transportation Safety Project.

All monetary awards must be spent on purchases for Mississippi schools/classrooms. Schools and Safety Leader Award recipients are required to provide receipts as proof of justifiable expenses to the MS Department of Transportation within one (1) year of award. Should the principal and/or program coordinator leave employment before or during that year, he or she must designate a successor to the program to be responsible for the submission of said receipts, and must notify MDOT of the change in responsibility.

If you are interested in applying for the TSEP Program for your school, or would like more information, click here.