Resources and Links
Having a teen driver in your household can fill a parent with panic and dread. Check out some of these resources and arm yourself with information so you can help your teen become a responsible driver.

Drive it HOME – Helping you keep your teen driver safe
AT&T. Not with AT&T? Check with your mobile service provider or your App Store/Play Store. Many carriers and manufacturers make similar apps to give you peace of mind when your child is behind the wheel.
State Farm Teen Driver Safety
I Know Everything
Drowsy Driving Mindfulness

Need more stats, data, and other info? Check these:
US Department of Transportation
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NHTSA’s Distracted Driving Website
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
National Safety Council
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
MS Department of Public Safety
MS Department of Health Injury Prevention
National Center for Safe Routes to School
SRTS Programs are a Part of theSolution
Steps to Creating a SRTS Program
Safe Kids Worldwide
Safe Routes to School National Partnership
Mississippi Office of Highway Safety
Mississippi Public Safety Data Lab
Mississippi Operation Lifesaver