Teen Resources and Links

Doing everything you can to make yourself a better driver doesn’t have to be boring. Check out some of these links for programs offered around the state and across the US. Get involved and be part of the solution!
Mississippi Department of Public Safety Youth and Student Programs
Mississippi Office of Highway Safety
National Organizations for Youth Safety
Teen Driver Source
It Can Wait Texting and Driving Simulator
Need more stats, data, and other info? Check these:
all US Department of Transportation
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NHTSA’s Distracted Driving Website
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
National Safety Council
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
MS Department of Public Safety
MS Department of Health Injury Prevention
Bicycle Safer Journey: Skills for Safe Bicycling for Ages 5 to 18
Safe Kids: Preteen
Safe Kids: Teens
Mississippi Operation Lifesaver

Pedestrian Safer Journey and Bicycle Safer Journey:
Educational videos and learner assessments for ages 5 - 18 available online at http://www.pedbikeinfo.org/pedsaferjourney/ and http://www.pedbikeinfo.org/bicyclesaferjourney/.
They're not meant to replace or serve as curriculum, but rather a way to jumpstart things.