You Can Help Your Teen

There are several ways that parents can help their teens become safe drivers.

Be a good role model. Don’t engage in behaviors such as driving while intoxicated, not wearing your seat belt, or driving distracted. Kids learn habits (both good and bad) from the behaviors they are exposed to. At this point in their lives, most of their experiences with driving have been with their parents. If you as parents have dangerous driving habits, then chances are your son or daughter will pick up those same habits.

Keep communication open. Start conversations with your teen about ways to be safe, and keep the conversation going even as he or she becomes more experienced.

Practice with your teen. The more practice they get behind the wheel with an experienced driver beside them, the more prepared and safe they will be when they are on their own.

Set some ground rules. Institute a Teen-Parent Driving Contract. This contract enables you to outline in writing the rules of the road and the consequences for breaking them.