The Teen Brain

While your teen may be beginning to look like an adult, his or her brain is still growing. Knowing more about how a teen’s brain functions can help explain many of the risky behaviors they exhibit behind the wheel, and can help you better teach them how to be safer drivers. Because a teen’s brain has not completely matured yet, it can cause: risk-taking behavior; limitations to their problem-solving ability; difficulty with location, distance, and speed; distractions; and inexperience.

According to an article in the Washington Post, “By most physical measures, teenagers should be the world’s best drivers. Their muscles are supple, their reflexes quick, their senses at a lifetime peak. Yet car crashes kill more of them than any other cause - a problem, some researchers believe, that is rooted in the adolescent brain.”

A fascinating study was performed on the teenage brain and its impact on safe driving. The entire article can be found here.