Mini-Rover is a scaled-down version of our full-size rollover simulator, Rover. Mini-Rover is a toy truck that spins by hand-crank on its own axis to simulate a rollover crash. A cloth dummy is placed inside the simulator to demonstrate the effects of a rollover crash on unrestrained occupants.

Mini-Rover is available for demonstration at schools and various safety events, and is appropriate for all age groups.

There is no charge associated with our programs; however, we do have a few limitations. Below is some general information for those interested in scheduling the Mini-Rover.


  • Mini-Rover does not require electricity and can be done indoors or outdoors; however, if the event is scheduled for an outdoor location, it will be cancelled and/or rescheduled due to rain if no alternate indoor location is available.
  • Mini-Rover requires an area of approximately 8 x 10 feet, plus additional space for spectators.