In our effort to reach out to as large an audience as possible, several safety videos are available for presentation to schools and safety events.

MDOT’s Safety Video presentations are available for demonstration at schools attended by students in grades seven through college, and for various safety events.

There is no charge associated with video presentations; however, we do have a few limitations. Below is some general information for those hoping to schedule a video presentation:


  • There must be a guaranteed audience of at least 50 people for each video presentation. (Exceptions to this may be made for smaller groups in the immediate Jackson area or demonstrations during the less busy summer or winter months.)
  • All videos can be shown in conjunction with the Rollover Simulator demonstrations, as there is a TV specifically for this purpose contained within the simulator. If you would like a presentation of any of the videos in conjunction with a Rover demonstration, please specify this in your request. Additionally, please see the requirements for scheduling a demonstration of the Rollover Simulator here.
  • Requester must provide video playback equipment (TV/DVD combination or a DVD-capable laptop with projector and screen).
  • You may also borrow the safety video DVD for presentations to your class or group at your convenience; however, we ask be returned no later than three weeks from the date borrowed.

Available Videos:

Room to Live
The Room to Live video is a 2007 presentation of Fox 9 News/KMSP-TV from Minneapolis, MN. The video is approximately 8 minutes long. The investigative team of Fox 9 News investigated crashes where occupants were severely injured or killed in rollover crashes. The reporter takes viewers on a tour of several of the post-crash vehicles involved in these crashes, giving an up-close perspective of the interior of each vehicle. In all instances, the passenger compartment of the vehicles remained mostly intact, with very little intrusion into the cockpit, or “cage” area of the vehicle, showing that had the driver been wearing a seat belt, he or she would have had “room to live”. The Room to Live video is a moving visual representation of the startling reality that in these instances seat belts could have made all the difference.

Kids Cars and Country Roads
Kids Cars and Country Roads is another presentation of Fox 9 News/KMSP-TV of Minneapolis, MN. This 13-minute investigative report explores the consequences of crashes that occur in rural areas. Survivability of crashes on country roads is complicated by issues such as first-responder response time, locating the exact crash location, and distance to major trauma centers. The report also stresses the importance of life-saving seat belts, as the only surviving victim of the crash in this instance was also the only one belted at the time.

The Last Text
AT&T’s The Last Text video is a 10-minute documentary film that discusses the dangers of texting while driving – and issue that is very important to us here at MDOT. Distracted driving (including the use of cell phones while driving) has become an ever more prevalent issue among drivers and is responsible for a larger number of fatal crashes in our state.

Compilation PSA Videos
We also have a compilation of several safety PSA’s gathered from around the world which show the dangers of distracted driving, impaired driving, improper restraint use, aggressive driving, speeding, and other hazardous driving behaviors.

** Please note, while there are verbal descriptions and testimonies of loved ones, there are no graphic, gory, or obscene images contained on the Room to Live video, The Last Text video, or the Kids Cars and Country Roads videos; however, the subject matter is of a mature nature and would be best served if viewed by students or adults ages 13 and up. Some of the PSA’s on the compilation video may not be appropriate for younger or more sensitive audiences.